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Unlock the power of captivating advertising opportunities and take your cinema experience to new heights with our advertising services.

We understand the value of creating a seamless and engaging atmosphere for your customers, and that's why we offer tailored advertising solutions designed specifically for theaters like yours. With our expertise in onscreen and in-lobby advertising, we can transform your venue into a dynamic advertising platform, maximizing revenue streams while enhancing the overall moviegoing experience.

From captivating onscreen advertisements that captivate audiences to strategically placed branding opportunities, our comprehensive range of services ensures that your theater remains a sought-after destination for both movie enthusiasts and brands looking to connect with their target audience.

Big Screen Advertising provides the very best in onscreen advertising and cinema support.  20 years of experience managing and producing onscreen advertising will help you maximize your advertising sales, and produce a quality product. We take care of everything so cinema owners don't have to.

Services we Provide

Advertising sales and marketing

Advertising production for customers

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Production

Customer Support


Invoicing, collection, Detailed reports, monthly payments

Additional Services

in-lobby Advertising

Lobby displays